Variable Fonts and Typography

The primary font used in the site is Recursive, a variable font.

Recursive provides a lot of functionality in the available axes:


Recursive comes in a wide range of weights, from Light (300) to a super-heavy ExtraBlack (1000). You can choose from its seven predefined weights, or set a custom value through its Weight (wght) axis. And because Recursive maintains consistent letterforms along the entire Weight axis, it allows for smooth animations between any of its different weights.

Slant and Cursive

In Recursive, slant and cursive letterforms can be controlled separately. The Slant axis (slnt) defines the angle of the letters, while the Cursive axis (CRSV) lets you tweak how cursive letterforms are substituted in along slnt.

Recursive’s cursive letterforms (CRSV 1) replace familiar “roman” letterforms with cursive alternates like the single-story “a” and “g”. By default, Recursive will automatically apply these cursive alternates when setting the Slant axis (slnt) beyond -14. This allows smooth, animated transitions from normal to oblique type up to 13.99° of slope, but also a “true italic” style with cursive letterforms at 14°. It is also possible to use sloped romans (slnt -15, CRSV 0), upright italics (slnt 0, CRSV 1), or set custom values on both axes for more options to play with.


Linear (CASL 0) styles have subtly-flattened edges and simple, open forms. This optimizes readability and enables enhanced focus in dense information, such as long-form text and complex code.

Casual (CASL 1) echoes the soft & curvy brush strokes of casual signpainting, but simplifies these forms for a striking and inviting tone. This makes it ideal for web headlines, code snippets, and command line interfaces.

Sans and Mono

The typeface comes in two practical and highly readable subfamilies, Sans and Mono. Thanks to its Monospace axis (MONO),both of these subfamilies can be used in a single font file. You can even select custom instances that are semi-proportional or semi-monospaced.

Recursive Sans is made for text & user interface design. While its proportional characters deliver comfortable reading at text sizes, its heaviest weights are perfect to create punchy, tightly-spaced headlines.

Recursive Mono is made for code. Its characters share the same width for clear legibility and perfect alignment. This is particularly helpful for use in programming and data-heavy design tasks, but also allows for creative possibilities in display typography.